About Us

Since 2006, Four of a Kind is the leading property maintenance provider in Myrtle Beach, with over 30 clients in the area.  Four of a Kind has grown through its attention to customer service and commitment to quality. Four of a Kind customizes its plan towards each client’s needs including participating with our clients at their HOA meetings. 

Our staff demonstrates professionalism, expertise and accomplishes tasks as outlined in our Business Model which reflects and contains: property procedures, manager and vendor contacts, inspection forms, fire and safety manuals and hurricane procedures.  This model will help preserve and extend the life expectancy of various components as well as maintain and uphold the common areas.



"Four of a Kind Services" maintains the landscaping for a large ocean front complex which we own the commercial space along with partners. Their performance has been stellar. A&I also services many of the same properties along The Grand Strand that Four of a Kind services. Their professionalism as well as their attention to detail is obvious on all of their properties. I give them my highest recommendation.  

-  Danny Isaac, A&I


It is my pleasure to recommend the landscaping services of Four of a Kind to you.  During the past five years, I have worked directly with Michael Chaffin, President of Four of a Kind, on numerous landscaping and maintenance projects; specifically, regarding bulk service for homeowner’s associations.  Four of a Kind currently provides the landscaping and maintenance services for four associations that our company manages.   They offer professionalism, high quality of service and competitive rates. I am extremely satisfied with the way they conduct business and always pleased with their work.

-  Erica Dirks, Empress Management


I own the Mike Kelly law group which has a myrtle beach office right down the street from city government; Four of a Kind provides a variety of services for my firm and I am extremely pleased- I also serve as board chair of the Brighton Tower Homeowners Association in Kingston Plantation and Four of a Kind provides all maintenance services for this 21 story oceanfront property I am again extremely pleased with their work and plan to renew their contract at the end of this year!

-  Mike Kelly, Kelly Law Group/Brighton Tower HOA